Online Poker League Rules

These are the Online Poker League rules. Information about tournament eligibility, points and prize claims.

Season Length

Season 8 Will Run March 4th - March 25th

Prize Terms

  • Money added to tournaments will be credited into player accounts at each individual poker room. For more information view the specific tournament page. Most added money will be credited automatically with your tournament prize once the tournament has been completed.
  • Leaderboard Cash/Tournament Tickets will be credited within 14 days of completion of the league. Players will be contacted via an email to their OPL registered email. 


OPL will make every reasonable effort to contact winners at the end of the league.
However, in the event the winner does not respond to the prize email nor get in touch with the OPL within 14 days of the league completion, their prize will be forfeited in full.

Other Questions

Visit our FAQ to view common questions and answers. In the event you cannot find a suitable resolution to your query please post on the OPL Forum and one of our moderators will assist you as quickly as possible.


  • Season 8 has $20,000 in added value in the form of cash added to each individual tournament, cash added to the OPL leaderboard and various merchandise, tournament tickets and other goodies added by sponsors.
  • Players earn points as per the table on the right based on their position in each tournament.

  • Players can view upcoming tournaments from the schedule page.
  • 1 account per room allowed. 
  • No sharing of accounts/playing out of jurisdiction. 
  • If we find players are account sharing/multi accounting/cheating/gaining unfair edges we reserve the right to ban you immediately and subsequently not payout any prizes. 

How do I join OPL?

  1. Sign Up to one of our deals
  2. Bind your screenname

You will then appear on the OPL Leaderboards.
It's that easy.