Frequently Asked Questions

Find common questions and answers regarding OPL below. If you cannot find the answer to your question or believe something should be added to this page, visit the forum and let one of our moderators know.

How do I become eligible to participate in the OPL?

Sign up to poker rooms via the OPL and you will automatically be eligible for the leaderboard.

What if I already have an account at an OPL partner room?

If you have an existing account at an OPL partner room you may not be able to earn points for the leaderboard by playing OPL tournaments at that specific poker room or you may not be able to enter the tournament.

Additionally, players who have signed up to OPL via partners such as PokerVIP, PokerTube, HighstakesDB and WeakTight should also be eligible to compete.

You can find specific conditions regarding eligibility for each room by checking 'poker rooms' and clicking on "more info" for the poker room you are interested in.

Can I retrack or re­tag my poker room account to the OPL to ensure eligibility?


You can either contact your poker room support and ask if re­tracking or creation of a new account via OPL is possible or contact the OPL support team at and send us the poker room name, username and email address.

The OPL cannot guarantee re-tracking and the OPL is not responsible for decisions made by poker rooms.

How are the tournaments protected?

OPL tournaments are protected in two different ways:

  1. Affiliate Protection -­ Players who did not sign up to the poker room via OPL or a partner will not be able to register for the tournament and in some cases will not be able to view the tournaments in the lobby. An example of this type of protection is Unibet.
  2. Password / Payment Protection - The password will be released on the tournament page 48 hours before the event starts, users must be logged into their OPL accounts to see the password. Players who do not have the password will not be able to register for the tournaments. In the event a player is not an OPL member, has obtained the password through nefarious means, is not tracked to OPL or an OPL partner - OPL reserve the right to not credit the player with leaderboard points and to not pay money added to the tournament prize pool to the player in question.

When is the leaderboard Updated?

The leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours.

The points showing for my play on the leaderboard are incorrect. What do I do?

The leaderboard is compiled automatically based on your My Account area.

If you have not added your screename for a poker room to your My Account area, leaderboard points cannot be attributed to your OPL account.

For an OPL eligible poker room I can change my screen name - what should I do?

For some poker rooms like Betsafe and BetVictor you can change your screen name. Overall leaderbaord results will NOT be combined if a player changes their screen name. The OPL is not responsible if players to not adhere to this guidance and will not reallocate overall leaderboard points retroactively.

How do I add my screen names?

Visit the My Account area to add your poker room screenames.

"Get Deal" button not working on the OPL site?

Ad block will be stopping you being directed to the poker room to make an account. The solution is to disable ad block and click the "Get Deal" button again.

Can I resell my OPL prizes?

Winners can trade the following prizes back to the OPL at the guaranteed rates outlined:

30% of prize face value:

  • McPokerTables Bespoke OPL table $1000 (Only shipping to the UK, if non UK resident, winner gets $300 cash).

The rest of the prizes cannot be sold, but the tournament tickets can be credited to any account details given. The OPL can't be involved in the brokering or facilitating of a private sale.

Can I trade tournament tickets for cash?

You cannot trade tournament tickets for cash directly with the OPL. You may however ask for the ticket to be credited to an account of your choosing.

All transactions regarding tickets will be at the discretion of the poker room or OPL partner who contributed these to the prize pool.

Can I trade merchandise for cash?

No. Merchandise cannot be traded for cash.

Can I just play one tournament and still get the prizes?

Yes. The OPL scoring system means that it is possible for participants to play only one tournament or at one poker room and rank on the leaderboard.

How can I find the password for a tournament?

If a tournament has a password, you need to be logged in and have a screen name added for this room to see it. Passwords will become visible if you meet those requirements, 48 hours before the tournament starts.

I’m from the USA, it’s too hard for me to participate in the OPL

The OPL Season 4 has two poker rooms that accept US players.

Whilst we appreciate it is difficult to be unable to play any event, this is somewhat out of our control and in previous seasons US players fared very well with four Top 10 finishes!  

Is there late registration for OPL tournaments?

Yes. There is 1 hour late registration for every OPL event.

Natural8 Leaderboard Cash Credit

Cash will be added to the players account. To withdraw the player needs to rake at least half of the amount received.

Where is the Added Money for Tigergaming & BetOnline Tourneys?

The added money will be credited manually within 72 hours of the tourney ending - this will be in addition to the money in the prize pool shown in the tourney lobby. Added money will be distributed as follows:

$250 Added Tourneys:

  • 1st - $125
  • 2nd - $75
  • 3rd - $50

$350 Added Tourneys:

  • 1st - $200
  • 2nd - $100
  • 3rd - $50

$400 Added Tourneys:

  • 1st - $200
  • 2nd - $125
  • 3rd - $75

$1000 Added Tourneys:

  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200

How do I join OPL?

  1. Sign Up to one of our deals
  2. Bind your screenname

You will then appear on the OPL Leaderboards.
It's that easy.