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What if I already have an account at an OPL partner room?

Last Updated May. 3, 2018

That's fine! Just get in the tournaments, play, get some points and win $$$! All we ask is users have at least 1 account tagged to us and are not bum hunting our league. We reserve all rights to forfeit the prizes and ban such players from the league 

How are the tournaments protected?

Last Updated Feb. 19, 2018
Password / Payment Protection - The password will be released on the tournament page 48 hours before the event starts, users must be logged into their OPL accounts to see the password. Players who do not have the password will not be able to register for the tournaments. In the event a player is not an OPL member, has obtained the password through nefarious means, is not tracked to OPL or an OPL partner - OPL reserve the right to not credit the player with leaderboard points and to not pay money added to the tournament prize pool to the player in question.

When is the leaderboard Updated?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

The leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours.

The points showing for my play on the leaderboard are incorrect. What do I do?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

The leaderboard is compiled automatically based on your My Account area.

If you have not added your screename for a poker room to your My Account area, leaderboard points cannot be attributed to your OPL account.

For an OPL eligible poker room I can change my screen name - what should I do?

Last Updated Dec. 8, 2016

For some poker rooms like Betsafe and BetVictor you can change your screen name. Overall leaderbaord results will NOT be combined if a player changes their screen name. The OPL is not responsible if players to not adhere to this guidance and will not reallocate overall leaderboard points retroactively.

How do I add my screen names?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

Visit the My Account area to add your poker room screenames.

"Get Deal" button not working on the OPL site?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

Ad block will be stopping you being directed to the poker room to make an account. The solution is to disable ad block and click the "Get Deal" button again.

Can I resell my OPL prizes?

Last Updated Jun. 22, 2018
No. The tickets are must play events and cash will be paid straight to your main account wallet.

Can I trade tournament tickets for cash?

Last Updated Dec. 5, 2016

You cannot trade tournament tickets for cash directly with the OPL. You may however ask for the ticket to be credited to an account of your choosing.

All transactions regarding tickets will be at the discretion of the poker room or OPL partner who contributed these to the prize pool.

Can I trade merchandise for cash?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

No. Merchandise cannot be traded for cash.

Can I just play one tournament and still get the prizes?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

Yes. The OPL scoring system means that it is possible for participants to play only one tournament or at one poker room and rank on the leaderboard.

How can I find the password for a tournament?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

If a tournament has a password, you need to be logged in and have a screen name added for this room to see it. Passwords will become visible if you meet those requirements, 48 hours before the tournament starts.

I’m from the USA, it’s too hard for me to participate in the OPL

Last Updated Apr. 20, 2017
We are always trying to find and include more reputable US rooms however the added money is always still up for grabs and if you make the most of double points events you still make it into the top 5.

Is there late registration for OPL tournaments?

Last Updated Nov. 21, 2016

Yes. There is 1 hour late registration for every OPL event.

How do I become eligible to participate in the OPL?

Last Updated Feb. 24, 2017

Simply add your screen name for each partnered room in the poker room drop down list when logged in. 

Everyone is welcome! Old, new and existing accounts can play! If you want to support the OPL please create any accounts you don't already have with us Here

Poker Room Technical Failures

Last Updated May. 14, 2018
The OPL cannot control poker rooms to run events, run them correctly or for their software to maintain throughout the season. At our discretion we decide the best outcome if a site for example crashes. Usually this will result in cancellation of the event (for leaderboard points) and often not rescheduled.
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