Nov 29, 21:32
How can I play in the online poker league tournament on global poker I need the password . When I go sign up to play it takes me to ACR and I have a account with them already
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Nov 29, 16:04
I have registered to one poker room through League and had another rooms account open, I have added both screennames. Will I be able to get points in leaderboard? Right now it says that I have to add two more screennames.
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Nov 29, 16:03
Hi, newbee trying to prepare for season 12th, but can not find any link to register to Globalpoker through here. Could someone guide me a little?
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Nov 29, 13:25
Hello! Why i am not able to add Global Poker screenname to my OPL account?
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Nov 29, 10:50
Good luck everyone. Another incredible season ahead.
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