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Feb 27, 13:16
pilsen71: No link to signup for Global Poker ?

Accepts Canadians and Americans only which is why you perhaps cannot see it.
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Feb 27, 12:39
No link to signup for Global Poker ?
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Feb 27, 11:54
I dont quite get the times stated. Isnt GMT Greenwich time? That means all rounds at 18:30/18:00 GMT is evening in Europe? 18:00 ET is in the middle of the night Western Europe time and so is 23:00 GMT(or late evening). When I push sign up, next tournament for both "One time poker", ACR and High stakes poker, is scheduled in 1 day and 12 hours????
Do I get something wrong?
BR Jacob
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Feb 27, 10:56
party will not be taking part in this season as says below.
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Feb 27, 10:24
hi where did the poker party tournaments go?
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Feb 27, 09:13
Awesome last minute news! Global Poker are joining the OPL.

Schedule to be updated asap!
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Feb 26, 10:09
Welcome back for another season!

To kick things off party and 888 have pulled out so:

HighStakes have tripled their commitment and will run the same tournaments 3 times over.

OneTimePoker a new room on the MPN network have confirmed today and will show up on the site.

So you do not miss out on any value and all info will be correct before the season begins.

Good Luck all.
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