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This Season’s Prizes

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Finished Tournaments
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Ended on 16/11/21
Betsson €250 Added
Results Coming Soon
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Ended on 15/11/21
EverygamePoker $100 Freeroll
YazbIk Won 100 Points
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ACR logo
Ended on 14/11/21
ACR $250 Added
Koppe1000 Won 100 Points
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PokerStars logo
Ended on 13/11/21
PokerStars $250 Added
D*n*e*3* Won 100 Points
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PokerStars logo
Ended on 12/11/21
PokerStars $100 Freeroll
R*a*M*r*1* Won 100 Points
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Leaderboard for Last Season
OPL x Irish Poker Open of 2022 finished on 20/3/22
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3 touraments won
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